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Build the foundation of your perfect wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing that complements the other items in your closet. A capsule wardrobe is the foundation of the perfect wardrobe.

The goal is not always minimalism. For us, the goal is to take the struggle out of getting ready. By selecting versatile basics, it allows you to create look after look, using the same few pieces of clothing. You will save time, money and closet space.

Starting your collection with high quality, timeless essentials will set you up to look and feel your best at any occasion life brings your way.


eliminate decision fatigue

Everybody has been there, you have an important event to attend and despite the hundreds of pieces in your closet you still struggle to put an outfit together. Wouldn’t it be nice to never deal with that again?

never go out of style

Looking back on past decades, you can see fads and trends that would never be worn today. That’s what we want to avoid.

By incorporating proven cuts, colors and textures into the basics of your wardrobe, you will future-proof your closet.

save money

Building a wardrobe is an investment and there’s no way around that. What we can do is eliminate the cycle of continuously replacing items in your wardrobe. Invest in fewer but more higher quality, sustainable, and interchangeable clothing.


closet audit

Do you have clothing you forgot about? Haven’t worn in months? years? Thoroughly analyze your closet and give every piece of clothing you own a purpose. Donate or upcycle the clothing you no longer wear.

lay the blueprint

Capsule wardrobes allow you to use the basics to your advantage by customizing and personalizing each item to fit your style goals. 

Make clothing earn a spot in your wardrobe. Hold off on making any purchases until you can curate a collection that will make several outfits from as few pieces as possible.

get to work

Once you have the foundation laid for your new wardrobe, research sustainable, ethical companies and start making smart purchases to fill in any missing spots from your closet audit.


timeless pieces

By watching trends, you can determine what styles have come and gone over the decades. By selecting pieces that have stood the test of time, we can be sure that your new wardrobe will remain stylish year after year.


The key here is to introduce the idea of “less is more.” Find pieces that will work with your other clothing to create as many outfit combinations, for as many scenarios, as possible using the least amount of items.  

Neutral Colors

Avoid hectic prints or loud colors during the building phase of your wardrobe. Opt for different hues of grays, blacks, whites, and browns to curate a cohesive wardrobe. Once you have the basics, you can begin introducing current trends and bolder styles into your closet to add personality.

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